Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Essentials of Keeping Fit

A fitness and exercise program has greater chances of success if you are consistent and regular in following it. You not only need to be regular in exercising but in also giving your body the time to recover from the strain that exercising will put on your muscles. Besides this, it is also essential that you eat food that is nutritious, while you get adequate sleep and rest.

Once you start a regime of exercise, your boy and the muscles in ti will get used to the strain that is put on them, and the exercise may not have the same beneficial effect. It, therefore, becomes necessary to progressively increase your length of exercises or increase the resistance that you have to make your muscles go through. This is an important essential in your quest for fitness. There will come a time when both the increase in time and resistance are difficult to keep up, and then it can help if you change your exercises to add variety that can in a way lull your muscles into feeling that they are not being strained as before.


Any exercise regime has the best effects if it is properly designed to include flexibility, strength, muscle endurance and cardio. Look for various exercises that allow you to address all these aspects in various ways, and this balance can help you to avoid injury. Changing exercises can also help you to avoid the boredom of repetition and allow you to remain constantly motivated.

It can always help if your exercise program has a specific goal, like losing weight, building muscle, increasing endurance or others. Always keep these goals in mind whenever you exercise or make changes in your routine. You will then find it easier to reach your desired goals, and this can be very encouraging and can help in continuing your exercises.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Barefoot Running- the Natural Way to Run

The ancients always believed that if you run on the earth, you can run forever. Shoes, as used by the modern generation are supportive, but this leads to artificial propping of the feet, that prevents them from working as they should, naturally.

It is a fact that serious runners will have leg injuries, which are often traced back to the shoes that they wear. Shoes can block pain, but rarely reduce the impact that running can cause on the heels and soles of the feet. It is said that wearing shoes is like turning off the fire alarm and prevents a person from dealing with leg injuries even before they occur. Barefoot running can change the way a person runs because it can allow the feet to immediately sense pain, and thus cause a change in the stride, or other action during running so that it reduces the pain. Shoes, on the other hand, can make our feet weak and lead to running with most of the weight transferred to the inside edge of the feet.

During running the outside part of the heel makes the first contact with the running surface. The foot then rolls in by a small percentage until it is completely in contact with the ground. This rolling in acts like a shock absorber and distributes the impact. When the gait cycle ends, the front of the foot pushes off by using the big toe and second toe. This natural process of running can be restricted when you wear shoes, and that is why barefoot running, the natural way, is the best. Your running adapts to your own construction of your feet and low or high arches will not matter.

Modern day man is not used to running barefoot, and this is where technology has come to the aid with the development of Vibrams or footwear that mimics the natural foot and allow you to run the natural way.

The Essentials of Keeping Fit

A fitness and exercise program has greater chances of success if you are consistent and regular in following it. You not only need to be...